Crep Network are pleased to announce the launch of their new website, going live on 20th April 2021.


Since their beginning in 2017, the service offers personal shopping, sourcing of rare trainers and luxury items, sold exclusively through Instagram, Crep Network’s team and business has flourished into a well-known selling platform.


Founders Barry Ademujimi and Isaac Oyesanya set up their business in their first year of University. With Barry studying Business and Marketing and Isaac studying Accounting and Finance, the pair were unmatched in their strategy to create what is today CrepNetwork.


A big step for what was a company set up by two first year students, relying solely on word of mouth for their brand, they took inspiration from sellers already on Instagram and decided to set up on their own. After creating a logo, they went from there, entering and winning trainer raffles in which were then sold on, the business idea grew.  


Founder, Barry Ademujimi states: “A website has become a necessity as it will be easier for customers to see what we have and see the prices for themselves.”


With clientele such as Radio 1 presenter and DJ Snoochie Shy to many well-known footballers, even singer Darkoo, Crep Network have built up a well-known network, but it’s not just celebrities they are interested in, “we treat everyone fairly, whether they're a student, a nurse or a footballer.”


The website will allow customers to browse stock online and see for themselves what is available rather than doing it through Instagram.


CrepNetwork’s success is evident, and in the future hope to create a marketplace for high end limited and exclusive fashion for a new generation.


With a fresh approach to online shopping, business ethics and exclusive access to clothing and trainers, this is just the beginning.


 Niamh Kirk